Routine PSG(Duplicate) Quiz

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  1. Why is it important to show the patient how to disconnect the equipment?1
  2. Maintaining high quality tracings throughout the duration of a sleep study is vital for1
  3. Sensitivity can be explained in which of the following equations?1
  4. In polysomnography, amplitude is usually measured in __, while frequency is usually measured in __.1
  5. Why is it important not to tell the patient the results of the study?1
  6. Which of these montages generally includes a full EEG hookup in order to rule out the possibility of seizure activity?1
  7. Amplitude is a measurement of the __of a wave, while frequency is a measurement of the__ of a wave.1
  8. Which of these montages includes additional eye leads above and be10w the eye?1
  9. How does a snore microphone pick up a signal?1
  10. Which of these montages usually includes a pressure channel and an additional flow channel?1
  11. Which of these montages is the most commonly-used montage for overnight diagnostic studies?1
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