STAR Program

We are proud to be a member of the STAR Self Study BRPT Program.


Help us track our performance with your education by using the following code when taking the BRPT Exam: SS006

What does this mean?

Our self learning programs are designed to help students prepare for the BRPT exam.
We strive to meet and exceed industry standards in the courses we offer online.

Our courses:

  • Use instructors and course developers who are credentialed in sleep technology and/or sleep medicine, respiratory care, electroneurodiagnostics, or their specialty field.
  • Provide an examination at the completion of each topic or program to assess the student’s knowledge and understanding of the materials presented.
  • Base content and information on current references and textbooks, and provide education and instructional methods in accordance with industry standards.
  • Provide a certificate to document a student’s successful completion of each education module and/or the entire program.

To see our approval letter you can download it here:

For more information about STAR Programs and the requirements visit the BRPT website: